Pittsburgh Restaurant Uniqueness Stirs More Than Food

Death threats and several accusations are under investigation concerning a unique little restaurant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The name of this unusual place is called “Conflict Kitchen.” The business is taking a break until they find out if the letter with a death threat they got was creditable.

Conflict Kitchen is all about making and serving the foods from countries that America is in conflict with. This has made many people angry, especially because of the Palestinian food that has been served there. which you can see here. The business has been accused of being anti-Israel due to their messages on the takeout food wrappings.

John Kerry’s wife has been involved in supporting this entity in getting a $50,000 grant. Conflict Kitchen is a nonprofit organization.

In fairness though, Bruce and I think this is pretty funny.  Plus, maybe it’s a reminder and an eye opener that we’re at war with real people, with their own values, families, culture, etc.

One thought on “Pittsburgh Restaurant Uniqueness Stirs More Than Food

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