Pioneering Businesswoman Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is a business leader who pushed her way past barriers in the corporate world to become the first woman to obtain an executive position at American Eagle Outfitters, a company that was mostly male-dominated when she first started working at it. Because of her perseverance and determination, she ended up becoming the company’s president before she left it a few years later and founded her own business, which was called P3 Executive Consulting.

She attributes her many successes in leadership roles in the business world to the fact that she grew up in a household where she was the only girl. Having two brothers, and a father that was a football coach, she learned that she was not going to be given any special privileges just because of her gender, so she knew she’d have to work just as hard for what she wanted as her male family members did. She took that knowledge with her to every business position she’s held over the years, and she supports and motivates other women in business by encouraging corporate sponsors to use more advanced mentoring programs that she feels will be more effective for aspiring female executives than the ones that are normally implemented.

Susan McGalla received a Bachelor’s degree from Mount Union College, where she majored in Business and Marketing, and she still serves on the Board of Directors at the school. Before becoming the president at American Eagle Outfitters, she worked as a buyer for women’s clothing in the company. She also held the leadership role of CEO at a company called Wet Seal, Inc. Aside from running her consulting business, which provides expert advice to corporate clients on branding, marketing and management, she is currently the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers, a very popular NFL team.

She also sits on the board of HFF, Inc., a company that provides real estate services, and she continues to give motivational speeches and advice to women, as well as to people of all genders. Susan McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio, and is married to Stephen McGalla, who is a wealth manager.

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