Ricardo Tosto- Business Litigator in Brazil

The law profession is very popular in Brazil. There numerous lawyers in the country thanks to the high number of law schools in the country. Brazil is ranked as one of the counties in the world that has the highest number of lawyers in the globe. It is ranked number three after United States of America and India. With over one million lawyers, it is obvious that this is a profession that attracts a very large number of young people in the country. According to statistics, this is the country that has the largest number of law schools in the whole world. In fact, the number of law schools in the country alone is higher than the total number of all the other countries in the world.

For one to qualify as a lawyer in Brazil, one must undergo five years mandatory degree program from a university recognized by the bodies that regulate law and education in the country. After the passage of this level, one then proceeds to a law school for more studies. At the end of the law school, every potential lawyer must sit for a bar examination that will allow registration with the bar council. This is the council that approves lawyers that are allowed to practice in the country. Failure to pass this examination means that one will not qualify as a lawyer.

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Ricardo Tosto is one of the lawyers from Brazil. Ricardo Tosto handles matters of business litigation, corporate law, employment law, election law among other civil related cases. Ricardo Tosto is among the best law brains in the country. He is the go-to lawyer when in need of services of a business litigator. He is very experienced and knows how to win cases for his clients. He is a graduate of the Mackenzie Presbyterian University in Sao Paulo.

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James Dondero’s entrepreneurial culture and charitable activities

James Dondero, who is 54 years old, is the chairman of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer of Highland Capital Management Company. Jim has also been the president and secretary of HCM Corporation since April 2016. He is both a member as well as an affiliate to companies in different industries. Jim has vast experience in credit and equity markets. He holds a major in Accounting and Finance as well as several certifications such as Certified Management Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst.

James Dondero is well known for being an experienced person in finance-related issues as well as being a philanthropist with the interest of the broader community at heart. He is selfless to all that he does. He carries the two activities passionately. Visit nexpointliving.com to know more about James Dondero.

Through the corporation, James Dondero has carried out so many philanthropic activities to the less fortunate groups in the society. Through his initiatives and partnerships, he has been able to support so many students in school both at the universities and other educational institutions. He has positively impacted on the lives of the residents of Dallas. He has supported and continues to support the George Bush Presidential Library, Perot Museum of Natural Science, and the Family Place, Highland Hippo Point amongst others.

The president of Highland Capital Management gave $1 Million grant to complete the Family’s place. In the family’s place, men who experienced domestic violence sought refuge with proper medication in place. In a different occasion, James through the corporate social responsibilities of the organization donated $1 Million which went a long way in the putting up of Highland Hippo Hut in Dallas Zoo. This structure was to serve the purpose of unique educational displays as well as private events like weddings or family fun days. He is a man worth emulating. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

He has been part of a team of professionals who contribute funds to assist children in need. Not only does he support the education of children at lower grades but also for students pursuing their undergraduate. He even donated $2 million to Southern Methodist University so that the most brilliant students could obtain exposure and training on public policy making, to get access to global leaders and also be in a position to get internships in places of excellent reputation.

Jim and Highland Capital Management are interested in seeing the best in Dallas and its people. He supports the organizations that handle the affairs of the vulnerable groups year in year out. His most significant aspiration is seeing everyone living a good life, working, every child going to school and excellence in totality in the neighborhood. He is much concerned about the continuation of the philanthropic work in Dallas. It is something worth pursuing.

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Sheldon Lavin Conquering the Entrepreneurial World

Entrepreneurs are revolutionizing different sectors in the global. Today, young business leaders have established names who have years of experience as models. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO OSI Group, has established himself as a top executive and an innovation leader in the food industry.

The complexities in the food business need a tactful manager, a committed team, investments in research and development, innovation and discipline.

At OSI, Sheldon oversees administrative, financial and operational aspects of the business. Since taking over leadership in 1975, he has implemented several growth strategies and made the supply chain more efficient. Currently, OSI group is present in 17 countries in Europe, Asia, North America, Central America and Africa. Through acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures, Sheldon was able to make significant investments and improve distribution and production.

When he joined OSI Group, the company primarily focused on meats. Sheldon saw the need for product diversification to support growth, increase market share and revenues and spread the risks. Presently, OSI group offers vegetable products, baked goods, processed meats and sources.

Apart from understanding consumer needs and preferences, a manager has to keep tabs on the current market trends and ensure full resource utilization. Sheldon identifies the people as the vital resource for OSI group.

Sheldon Lavin works around building a collective culture that values all the employees in the company. For Sheldon, his team is like one big family that shares tasks, ideas, feedback and other responsibility. Given than OSI Group has several international offices, management and coordination can seem challenging. But for Sheldon, once everyone has a shared value, is passionate about the company mission, and there are operational and functional synergies between the different offices, then leading multiple teams and decision making becomes effortless.

For more than five decades, Sheldon has ensured that the business’s sustainability and growth. Afte training in finance and accounting, Sheldon’s goal was to make a difference through owning a successful enterprise. He entered the business world as a financial consultant, helping businesses make sound financial decisions to thrive in competitive markets. In the process, he facilitated funding for Otto and Sons and took on an active role in the business.

Excited about the strides made by the company within the first year, Sheldon he decided to become more involved in the company. In 1975, he became a partner at Otto and Sons, which rebranded to OSI Group. As years went by, he assumed full ownership of the business.

Now in his early eighties, Sheldon hopes to mentor upcoming entrepreneurs on how to grow a business that is socially responsible. He donates to and supports the Ronald McDonald House Foundation.

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How To Get Ready For a Lifeline Screening

Lifeline Screening is a medical testing company that offers medical testing at prices and convenience far better than what people will find at the hospital or at medical testing facilities. Many people have to go see their doctor first and then get authorization to get the tests that they need. With Lifeline Screening it is simply a matter of scheduling a time with their easy online scheduling and the test results are made available to the patient’s physician.

Lifeline’s testing procedures include ultrasound technology, blood testing, electrocardiographs, and more. The same tests that an individual can receive at the hospital or at a medical testing unit can be received at Lifeline Screening.

Ultrasound is the same technology that a new mother gets to see if her baby is going to be a boy or a girl. The health professional can see inside of a person’s body and get a live view of what is going on. For example, it is possible to see inside of an artery and view the blood flow to see if there is any blockage. Arteries in the abdomen and ankles are also tested for any possible cardiac ailments. There is also an ultrasound test for osteoporosis by testing for the bone density.

Lifeline Screening also does blood testing by the finger-stick method. With just a few drops of blood, Lifeline can create a full lipid panel which shows the levels of high and low cholesterol of the patient. IT also tests for liver enzymes to detect liver disease and glucose levels to determine if a person has diabetes.

The limited electrocardiograph tests for atrial fibrillation also called A-Fib. A-Fib can cause blood clots which are very dangerous and can a stroke to occur. It is very important for a person’s doctor to be aware of that situation as soon as possible.

Many people avoid going to see a doctor on a regular basis because they are too busy, just put it off, or are afraid of possible negative results. Consequently, many have things wrong with them therefore of which they are unaware. Most critical health problems are best treated in the early stages before they become a real problem.

People can prepare for their exam by asking the Lifeline Screening personnel how to go about it. Ladies should wear loose-fitting clothing such as a loose blouse and slacks. Men should wear comfortable trousers and a sports shirt. Disrobing is not required but lifting up a blouse or shirt for some tests.

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USHealth Group, Inc. and A+ Insurance Options

USHealth Group, Inc. is a business that aims to safeguard families of all kinds. It runs a number of licensed health and life insurance divisions. It gives clients many options in coverage. Examples are accident insurance, specified sickness insurance, dental coverage insurance, critical illness insurance and so much more. People who are looking for coverage that involves short-term accidents, vision and income can get behind the US Health Group, Inc. team. USHealth Group, Inc. has the assistance of many reputable and respected partners in the community. Some examples of these noted partners are organizations such as Center Care, Mississippi Health Partners, Devon Health Services, CHN (Community Health Network), ABC (American Business Coalition), CVS/Caremark, Midlands Choice, Cigna, MultiPlan Limited Benefit Plan and Careington Care CPO. USHealth Group, Inc. is located in vibrant Fort Worth in Texas.

People who are part of the USHealth Group, Inc. staff are Troy A. McQuagge, Cynthia B. Koenig, Konrad H. Kober, Brian Clark, Patrick H. O’Neill and Virgil Meier. These are all committed leadership professionals who make USHealth Group, Inc. the success it is on a daily basis. McQuagge works as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and President of the firm. The other individuals work as Executive Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents and Chief Marketing Officers.

People who turn to USHealth Group, Inc. receive many diverse choices in products. These products include SecureDental, Secure Advantage, Income Protector, Accident Protector, PremierChoice, Essential Health Benefit, MedGuard and PremierVision. This group can be a lifesaver for people who want to do anything and everything they can to maintain and attain high-quality dental health. It can be a lifesaver for people who have any concerns that involve oral health and teeth, too.

USHealth Group, Inc. is a business that understands in great detail how unpredictable and taxing modern life can be. It’s a business that knows the risks of being alive. People get into catastrophic accidents on a daily basis. They get sick on a daily basis as well. It doesn’t matter if an individual is younger or older. It doesn’t matter if an individual has enjoyed glowing health for years and years, either. Anything can happen. USHealth Group, Inc. goes the extra mile to provide people with all kinds of insurance coverage options. It’s a company that’s constantly improving and expanding its approach to health insurance coverage as well. That’s the reason it has so many loyal clients.

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The Growth of different Groups of Hospitals in Brazil

Jorge Moll is a well-renowned cardiologist who is based in Brazil. He is also a successful entrepreneur. For instance, he is the founder and the owner of one of the largest groups of hospital and lab operations in Brazil. The group of hospitals is sub branched into thirty operational hospitals in Brazil which have turned out to help the local people and the people from different parts of the world. The health system of the Brazilian people has significantly improved which in turn has increased the economy of the Brazil nation. Mr. Jorge has also worked with different groups of medical organizations which have also contributed enormously to his success and international recognition. For instance, he has worked with the Sao Paulo-based hospital group, Rede d’ or and much more. Watch this video on youtube.com.

However, Mr. Jorge is the current president of the group of hospitals known as Rede d’Or which acts as a research and educative center. The organization helps many medical centers in doing scientific research and also improve the health care systems and improve patients care and treatment at different hospitals in Brazil. The group headed by Mr. Jorge Moll is also termed as a non-profit organization which offers various services to the health system. For instance, it provides services such as the imaging, internal medicine, neurosciences, intensive care medicine and much more.

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Moreover, the organization is equipped with trained staff who offer quality services which have also contributed to the growth of the group for not only the Brazil people but also for the people from different countries who seek medical consultations in Brazil. The firm also uses modern technology to deliver quality services and adequate medical solutions that affect humankind. Since the organization is a non-profitable, it advocates for community empowerment, quality education and healthy living. Following the great leadership of Mr. Jorge Moll, the company provides other services such as the emergency care, women health services, oncology, orthopedics and much more. Mr. Jorge has moreover received international recognition which has contributed significantly to his career and success as a medical doctor in the industry. Follow Jorge Moll on Facebook.

Cassio Audi’s Life in Rock n’ Roll

When metal music became prominent in the late 70s and 80s, it only had its fans in the US and UK. No one would have thought that rock metal would pick up in Brazil, and that a group by the name Viper would rise to international prominence. But they did, led by one of Brazil’s legendary heavy metal drummers, Cassio Audi.

Any diehard fan of metal music understands the importance of the lead drummer. Heavy metal is characterized by a rebellious emphatic tempo that is achieved by the drummer. So for any rock metal band to become a global sensation, they have to get the right drummer. Cassio Audi completed this equation for the Vipers, leading the group to international prominence.

Cassio and the Vipers put out their first album in 1987, Soldiers of Sunrise, which became an instant hit. Cassio borrowed the style of British metal music to create his own signature sounds in the album. Viper fans rocked to a couple of tracks on the album like Killera, Nightmares, and Soldiers of Sunrise. Watch this video on Youtube.

Viper went on to release a second album in 1989 dubbed Theatre of Fate. By this time, the band was more confident and had developed a different sound for their album. Cassio did not disappoint on the drum. His heavy drum sounds were felt on hits like Illusions, Theatre of Fate, and At Least a Chance.

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Viper produced two more albums for their fans: Evolution in 1992 and To Live Again Live in Sau Paulo in 2014. Cassio Audi proved himself to be one of the iconic metal drummers in Brazil. Today he is celebrated alongside other metal drummers like Jean Dolabella and Ivan Busic. His massive fan base continues to jam to the metal sounds of Viper, more so Cassio Audi’s prowess on the drums. Read more reviews at Applesauce Blog about Cassio Audi.

How Kate Hudson Made Fabletics A Household Name

Kate Hudson Signs On


Kate Hudson has already made a name for herself as the image of female athleticism. When she was approached to work on Fabletics, it was only natural for her to do everything she possibly could to help the business prosper and reach its potential. Nobody has shown the same abilty to run a fashion retail business and nobody else has shown the ability to create a business worth hundreds of millions of dollars in as little time as she managed to do.



Things Go Up From Here


Fabletics was a success from the beginning and it only got bigger over time. Women like having outfits specifically designed to appeal to them and specifically designed to give them something that will look amazing on their bodies Fabletics helps them find something intended to match them regardless of what size they are. Hudson understood this before anybody else did and it has paid off greatly . She can now brag that her business is one of the most successful online fashion retailers out there. Nobody even comes close to having the same crowd or enthusiastic fan base.



The Numbers Don’t Lie


The most amazing thing about the work of Kate Hudson, is that Fabletics has proven to be a smash hit with no periods of loss. It receives revenue gains consistently regardless of the situation and it has made millions where others have failed. Obviously, Kate Hudson had some serious business sense, but what she’s done here goes beyond even the expectations of high level professionals like herself. There’s a reason people are copying her business plans. She has discovered a way to make an online fashion retailer that just about everybody can appreciate in full.



Where Things Will Go


The future of Fabletics is going to be based around moving out into the real word. So far there are at least 5 brick and mortar locations for Fabletics, but there are plans to build even more. With hundreds of stores, this could make Fabletics a household name like some of the greatest fashion outlets of the past. Hudson has already made a name for herself outside of fashion, but she wants to put her mark everywhere she can. This is only one way she can fulfill that goal of enriching her legacy and brand recogntion.



Building On Success


The success of Fabletics is certainly something that needs to be built on. When you manage to have this much support, it’s only natural to try to do something that will increase the amount of support you get and give your customers exactly what they want. Thanks to some smart thinking, it seems like she’ll be able to have her plan come to light. Fabletics has an idea that continues to appeal to audiences even today. There are so many people who want to experience the customized selections and they enjoy the style that Kate Hudson brings to the table.

Desiree Perez and Her Amazing Work History

Since 2009, Desiree Perez has been known as being the Chief Operating Officer of ROC Nation. Due to the fact that she is part of the ROC Nation Team, she is able to be part of several aspects of the business. Some of these happen to include: labeling operations management, and publishing. She has been able to, aside from ROC Nation, negotiate another one of her most popular deals, Rihanna’s Samsung’s deal.

Perez, in short, is known for being one busy businesswoman and is always on the lookout for her next business project. Jay Z, for instance, is an associate that she has worked close to for nearly 20 years now. Throughout her career, she has been able to prove herself as being more than worthy of helping to run the SC Enterprises. This is due to her being amazing at negotiating, crunching numbers and has a very unique work history.

Her negotiating skills have proved to come in handy especially in the most recent meeting with Sir Lucian Grainge, who happens to be the CEO and chairman of Universal Music Group, about buying a stake in ROC Nation. This is one move that could help to make it to where Jay Z will be able to develop more new artists, along with helping to bolster his most recent streaming service. With Desiree by his side though he is hoping to easily be able to make the deal and move on up, making for a better future in his career.

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Omar Yunes Reshapes Customer Service In Hospitality

Omar Yunes is a serial entrepreneur. The experienced franchiser bagged the international franchise of the world award in 2015. Consequently, he was awarded in an event that was held in Italy. Omar Yunes was competing against more than 25 nominees. This reflects the complexities of the competition. The Mexican entrepreneur managed to bag the award because of his skills in service delivery. As the owner of 10% of the Sushi Itto restaurants, Omar Yunes has been exuding excellent leadership skills since he founded the franchise. Yunes started the business in 2000. This was a major turning point in his life as he has been successful since then. Operating from Mexico City to Veracruz and Puebla, it is clear that Omar Yunes understands the roles of a leader in a ever-transforming industry.

Background Information

Omar Yunes had special interest in the food industry since time immemorial. His accomplishments are appended to this passion. In 2016, Omar received recognition as the leading franchisee in the world. The competition had 30 nominees across the globe. Aside from winning this award, he bagged the award at a country level. The inception of the award highly relied on Omar’s ability to run the business in the most competitive manner. Omar Yunes represented his country in the competition that involved Portugal, Argentina and France, among others and more


Omar Yunes got into the food industry business at a young age. His understanding of the ropes involved in handling customers is impressive. This factor played a pivotal role in awarding him. Omar has since been instrumental in developing the 13 franchise units in Mexico City. His contribution to the industry was highlighted in the category of nominees. He has always worked towards achieving excellence thanks to his focus and determination to motivate employees at work. As such, Omar believes in team work and participation. He is of the opinion that a company better succeeds under proper management and leadership, two values that he highly upholds. For Omar Yunes, Sushi Itto has a lot to project in terms of service delivery. Perhaps his commitment played a key role in making him the winner of the franchise.