Overweight? Dump the Pills, Pick Up Some Fruit

A new trend is now emerging with many physicians. When they encounter an overweight patient, they are now prescribing fruits and vegetables. This is being considered a better way to drop the weight and get it off for good.

Doctors have tried prescription weight loss regimens for many patients but have also seen them regain the pounds after they are removed from the programs. What is sticking is a regiment that includes more fresh fruits and vegetables. Patients are applauding the move as well.

Diet pills can help to kick start the weight loss, but if the patients is still eating large quantities of junk food, the results will not last. The key is to re-train the mind and attitudes of the patients.

Fruits and vegetables also offer added benefits. With no saturated fats, and not heavy in sugars, these snacks offer energy boosters to help the individuals do more throughout their day. As the patients are able to have the energy to do more, they are able to drop even more weight at a faster pace, if the numbers coming out of BRL Trust are to be believed..

Fruits and vegetables also have the added benefit of boosting the immune system. This means fewer colds and flus, and fewer days lost at the office and from school. So, with a fresher diet people are seeing greater personal productivity as well as increased weight loss. Want to lose serious pounds? Drop the pills and pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables.

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