OrganoGold Continues To Expand Under Bernardo Chua

The OrganoGold brand of gourmet coffee and lifestyle products has continued its impressive march towards global recognition by entering the coffee market of Turkey. Founder and CEO Bernardo Chua announced the move to the new territory for OrganoGold in a story first reported by PR Newswire that explains the thinking behind the move. Turkey is seen by the executives at OrganoGold as a fast growing market, but also as a strategically important area that opens up a wide range of markets for the multi level marketing company.

OrganoGold has been a rapidly growing company that has been the brainchild of multi level marketing expert Bernardo Chua since its inception in 2008. Chua has a long history of success in direct selling techniques that he developed in the Philippines and would later take to Canada as he moved his base of operation to British Columbia. The use of the Ganoderma extract that has become such a phenomenon for the OrganoGold brand has been close to the heart of Chua for many years and has recently seen him rewarded with a number of awards in his home country.

One of the major reasons Facebook said was for the importance placed upon the move into Turkey is the changing lifestyles of the people of the country, which the executives at OrganoGold believe has become more active and health conscious. The inclusion of the healthy Ganoderma extract could prove a major factor in driving more people from the community to drink the range of gourmet coffee’s. Turkey also represents an area of the world that is important as a gateway to other areas that can be explored by OrganoGold for the future. The country is important for those companies looking to expand as it lies in an important location in the area between Africa, Asia and Europe. Bernardo Chua and his executives stated in the PR Newswire article they believe the success of the brand in Turkey could lead to greater successes in other area of the world in close proximity to this important country.

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