Organo Gold’s Bernardo Chua is Awarded

Bernardo Chua was the founder of a business called Organo Gold in 2008, which is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. He started the company which sells coffees and teas that are made organically from the mushroom extract-Ganoderma Lucidium, which is from the Philippines. They also make and sell medicinal products and body products from the extract. The Chinese use it for its antitoxin values in their Holistic medicine. Organo Gold also sells its products to customers through a Coffee Appreciation Club in the United States and Canada.

He and two of his business associates from Organo Gold were given Dangal ng Bayan Awards for their hard work and success with their company and products. His company was honored for its success and popularity with two People’s choice Awards in Manila, the Philippines. The first award was given for “Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee” started in his home country of the Philippines, and the second award was for being the “Number One Global Network Marketing Company” in the Philippines.

These are very big, important awards that are only given to very successful people and their companies. They were given these awards in a ceremony at Hemady Square. The Dangal ng Award is an award given to companies recognized for top notch products made in the Philippines and the people who had the wisdom and tenacity to motivate other people from the Philippines to achieve world class achievements in business all over the world.

Bernardo Chua was also given the award for being an “Outstanding Global Entrepreneur”. He received this for being the Chief Executive Officer and starting the company-Organo Gold. The company was also recognized as becoming the most successful and up and coming network marketing company from all over the world. While at the awards, Bernardo Chua gave out awards and recognized his Rank and Star Achievers for the Month of December for 2014 that were able to come to the awards ceremony. Bernardo Chua is also the Gold Medal winner of the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal award.

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