Organo Gold Changes How We Stay Healthy With Coffee

The healthy lifestyle most people n ow wish to live can be difficult to achieve with so many reasons to live in an unhealthy way or to make an unhealthy food or drink choice. The Organo Gold brand is hoping to change the way everybody thinks about their food and drink choices by beginning with the early morning cup of coffee and then helping us make the best lifestyle choices available. Organo Gold has reached such a highly regarded nature in its native Philippines that the company was rewarded in 2014 with a series of awards from a government agency designed to show the high level of success this direct selling phenomenon has achieved.

Organo Gold hopes to inspire change in the lifestyles of everybody through the use of healthy ingredients in some of the everyday food and drinks we choose on a daily basis. The move to a healthier lifestyle begins for Organo Gold users with the choice of Organo Gold gourmet coffee to start each and every day. The coffee is infused with the Ganoderma herb, which is created from a specific form of mushroom grown on tress through the tropical areas of the world. This herb has a 4,000 year old history in Chines and Asian medicine, which it has been used in to help lower cholesterol, reverse liver problems and for its antioxidant qualities.

CEO Bernardo Chua says that this innovative gourmet coffee blend is used to inspire the individual to feel better and healthier from their very first sip of coffee each morning and to make even more good choices with this direct selling lifestyle brand. The brand takes an innovative approach to its sales opportunities that include the chance for those who love and appreciate the coffee and various other food and drinks products to become agents for the brand and incorporate the gourmet coffee blend into the lifestyles of those they come into contact with. Encouraging a healthier, more productive and affluent lifestyle is the main objective of the Organo Gold brand.

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