Oatmeal Cookies With Marcus Rothkranz


After watching Markus Rothkramz’s Video, “Awesome Cranberry Apple Almond Oatmeal dehydrator cookies, Cara Brotman, Markus Rothkranz,” you will be thoroughly convinced to try out this amazing and easy oatmeal cookie recipe. First off, Cara and Markus are notably fit and healthy, they are both well over the age of 40, but you wouldn’t know that if they didn’t tell you! They are the image of health!

However, these cookies are clearly that of a different sort. The ingredients are wholesome and simple, such as raw cranberries, nut butter, oats, and real maple syrup. The whole process, as Marcus and Cara demonstrate, takes only a few minutes. Once the cookies are complete, Marcus notes that you could eat them raw! In fact, you could. The cookies don’t contain any raw eggs or other ingredients that would need to be cooked off.

If you are looking for a healthy cookie dough fix, this might work. However, Cara suggests putting them in the dehydrator for around 6 hours to give them a more cookie like texture. The pair notes that the dehydrator is an excellent substitute for oven cooking, because it allows you to reduce the moisture in the cookie dough without heating it to too high of a temperature. By cooking foods at high temperatures, Marcus explains, you are killing off important enzymes.

So, if you are looking to eat a more balanced, nutritious diet but are looking for a healthy but sweet treat to fill the void, this simple cooking instructional video is perfect. While your at it check out some of Marcus’s other cooking videos.

About Marcus

Markus Rothkramz is a natural health coach who’s goal is to help people achieve better health and wellness. He written a number of books and now publishes how-to videos on healthy cooking techniques and recipes. He prides himself in motivating others toward their own personal goals. He has successfully coached many people as they made amazing health transformations. These transformations improve a person’s physical well being as well spiritual and mental healing.

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