Nutrimost “the Ultimate Fat Loss System”


Nutrimost, the weight loss company is suing Healthy Living another weight loss company because they allegedly ripped off from their promotional video. Apparently, Healthy Living took Nutrimost’s video from their site and added it to theirs. Adding claims that the videos weight loss was their diet plan’s doing. Healthy Living finally took it off their website, but Nutrimost wants $300 thousand for the theft and the loss of “goodwill and reputation.”

Nutrimost calls itself “the Ultimate Fat Loss System,” they claim that through using their diet plan clients can lose up to 20 to 40 pounds in 40 days. Nutrimost works by giving you healthy recipes for various food while keeping them delicious. Their diet plan operates in phases to help lose fat. As you lose weight, you go from phase to phase, eating specific foods until your plan is over. Their programs target the difficult to lose fat such as the hips, butt, and gut.

Nutrimost uses biocommunication technology to see what supplements and food your body needs to lose fat and stay healthy. The computer sends electrical signals to your body, and it responds to subtle changes in its electrical properties on your skin. The goal of the scan is to build a customized plan that will cater to your bodies needs as they are different from everyone else. They claim by following their program that your bodies organ and hormonal stressors will be corrected over time, allowing you to be healthier.


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