Nutrimost Sues Healthy Living

It’s hard to think that two weight lose companies would have the same promotional video, but that is what allegedly happened between Nutrimost and Healthy Living.

What is the Same?
The videos both say things that are almost identical such as that you don’t need to change your diet or have exercise to help you lose the weight. They also give testimonials that are close to the same wording. The whole commercial is close to Nutrimost and they are taking action to make Healthy Living take their video down.

Who is Nutrimost?
Nutrimost is a weight loss company that works hard to help customers lose weight. They offer a system that can take the hard part out of weight loss. They offer solutions you can do while you are dieting as well as exercising and some that you don’t need to do that with. It never hurts to use Nutrimost with a healthy way of life so you can continue to keep the weight off once you stop using the Nutrimost.

Why The Video is So Important?
The video is important to Nutrimost because it helps them to promote the system they created. They want to be truthful in the way they present their company and if someone else makes a video that is close and uses the same items, then they may not look as good as they could. They want to maintain a sense of authenticity to their brand and products because they are good and work for most people.

There are a lot of times you may see Nutrimost and wonder if they are a good company. If you watch their video, you will see they are a great company to use in order to lose the weight you want and to feel better about yourself.


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