Nick Vertucci’s Real Estate Academy And Its Barriers To Entry

There’s usually three common vehicles that financial experts talk about investing in to accumulate wealth or to have a retirement fund to live on, and those vehicles are usually the stock market or savings investments, precious metal investments, and real estate. Out of all of those vehicles, real estate usually is thought of as the one with the highest barriers to hurdle, but entrepreneur Nick Vertucci would disagree with that. Vertucci founded the NV Real Estate Academy which provides tools for anyone interested in going into real estate. If you go to the academy’s website, you can learn how to get started in real estate without needing a formal university degree, cash reserves or previous experience. The biggest key to real estate Nick Vertucci emphasizes is knowing how to network and managing a portfolio.

Nick Vertucci himself got started in real estate investing with no cash down. His financial situation was very dire, and it was something he had to deal with for most of his childhood and early adult life. As a child he had lost his father, and his late teens and early 20s were spent living out of a vehicle. He caught a break at one point when he started a computer hardware sales business, and for a time his life became better. He got married and raised a family in those good years, but hard times came upon him again when his business got affected by the stock market and forced him to close down.

On the verge of losing everything, Nick Vertucci frantically searched for a new business opportunity for over a year. It was during a weekend seminar that he got his first real exposure to real estate investing, and though he knew little about it he decided to explore it further. He figured out how to network and work with others on investing in properties, and soon he was accumulating his own property assets. Nick Vertucci sold and leased out enough properties over the next 10 years that he accumulated enough wealth to become a millionaire, but he didn’t want to stop there. He started the NV Real Estate Academy so that everyone else could learn the steps to start investing without having the capital on-hand.

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