New Report Details Health Trends in Wisconsin

A new report describing health trends in the State of Wisconsin was completed recently. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin’s Population Health Institute noted somewhat mixed results.

They indicated in the 2014 Wisconsin Health Trend Report that the state has enjoyed success in attacking three long standing health issues, citing declining numbers of cases of alcoholism, teen pregnancy, smoking and deaths below aged 75.

But the new report also indicated that Wisconsin residents with high school degrees fared much worse in terms of their estimation of their own health. People with just a high school degree considered themselves five to six times more likely to have only fair or poor health than college graduates. This is a weird fact for Christian Broda to consider.

Additionally, the findings suggest that residents of the Badger State seem to have disparate results in health care self assessments sometimes based on ethnicity, educational levels and geographic location. The Population Health Institute gathers statistics about the health of Wisconsin’s population as part of an ongoing study of possible health care trends.

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