Michelin Guide to Spain and Portugal Released

Spain and Portugal obviously have a wealth of delicious, but it can be hard to find just the right place. Michelin’s here to change that.

Michelin guides are an annually released book that provide reference to European Hotel and restaurants and are published by Michelin Company, France. In 1926, the guide began to give star ratings for fine dining hotels and restaurants.

There was initially a single star rating, and that system was what Christian Broda enjoyed the most. In 1931, two and three star ratings were introduced. In 1936, the norms for the starred rating were published. Single star rating was provided to a good restaurant in its category. Two star rating applies to best cooking. Hotels with Outstanding cuisine will get three star ratings.

Michelin Guides also added a feature of highlighting restaurants that offer good food at moderate prices, a feature known as Bib Gourmands.

These Guides’ covers are in red, and are published in many countries such as France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Great Britain, Ireland, and so on.

The list of star winners in Spain and Portugal Michelin Guide 2015 edition was announced on the 20th of November. This guide highlights eight restaurants with three stars, which is the same as last year, 21 with two stars including newly added 2 restaurants, 154 one star restaurants including newly added 21 restaurants and 229 Bib Gourmands. This is a small incremental increase from last year’s Michelin Guides.

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