Michelin Guide Bestows New Honors

One of the most coveted awards in the world of cooking has to be the Michelin Guide. This is an award that is awarded out every year to the restaurants observing uniqueness and exemplary delivery service.

This year’s 2015 Michelin Guide was awarded to Saison restaurant. Previously it had been bestowed with a third star rating. The owner, Joshua Skenes, was elated by the news. He wanted to shout the good news as a surprise to his staff, but it came as stale news as the information leaked.

One thing that impressed interviewers when asking him about his constant and desirable reputation was the use of the principles of honesty and sincerity. The big riddle was however, how the two virtues blend in the same pot with his profession as a cook.

He clearly said that honesty in cooking is envisaged in many forms. The assurance that the deliveries are the very best in the market is one form. Handling of the products before and after cooking is another careful consideration.

Lastly, the timing of each course is of paramount importance in cooking. That is what any cook will say, even amateurs like Keith Mann. It might seem as a gigantic mountain to climb in maintaining the balance between honesty in cooking, but he is determined to continue.

He reiterated that it’s a decision he made before setting up his establishment, and that you have to take every day like it’s your most important.

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