Mediterranean Diet Remains One of Year’s Best-Working Diets

Not all diets are created alike. In fact, most of them come from drastically different angles. For example, there’s the Atkins Diet, which was made famous for jamming as much meat and animal protein down its victims’ throats as possible. Sure, it helped people to lose weight. But it also hurt the heart and raised blood pressure and cholesterol. There was the Master Cleanse, a diet that included lemon, cayenne pepper and water and that left more than one person feeling weak to their knees after only one day. And then, there was the Mediterranean Diet. Was it a fad? Did it really prove itself in the world of losing weight? The answer turns out to be no, it was not a fad, and yes, it did prove itself. In fact, the Mediterranean Diet was named one of 2014’s best diets to date.

What exactly does the Mediterranean Diet entail?   We’re not talking about huge bowls of pasta smothered with cheese and olive oil. Instead, the focus is on vegetables, fish, healthy fats and fish. Mediterranean people don’t eat too much protein, but when they do, it’s by way of fresh fish. They mostly eat vegetables and some fruits. The fats they use are healthy. Olive oil is a notoriously Mediterranean product, from everything that I’ve been reading on FreedomPop. So if you want to slim down before the onslaught of the holiday season begins, try the Mediterranean Diet and see where it takes you. As an added bonus, you’re even allowed a nice glass of red wine each night!

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