McDonald’s Wants To Add All Day Breakfast To Their Menu

The world’s largest fast food restaurant chain is trying every trick in the book to woo customers back into their stores. It’s no secret; McDonald’s needs help. The McEverything chain is losing market share, and investors are getting nervous. The new CEO wants to turn the tables of fate, and he thinks serving breakfast all day might be a good start. It may not sound appetizing to everyone, but an egg McMuffin for dinner might be the answer.

McDonald’s breakfast fans have always wanted the chain to serve breakfast food after 10:30 a.m., but the kitchen space in most restaurants can’t handle lunch and breakfast at the same time. The solution or the perceived solution is to offer a partial breakfast menu all day. No one is sure what that partial menu will look like, but hash browns and some of their breakfast sandwiches will probably be on the menu.

It’s not clear if an all-day breakfast menu will cure what ails McDonald’s. Consumers are becoming more in-tune with food quality and store ambiance, and the McDonald’s gets a low grade in both of those necessities. Paul Mathieson isn’t sure how often he’ll try it out. But Wall Street is betting the Big Mac chain will come out on top. But the questions is when and how?

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