McDonald’s to Start Selling Kale for Breakfast

As strange as this may sound, McDonald’s may soon be offering customers breakfast bowls that include kale. Kale is a well-known healthy vegetable, packed with nutrients in its dark green leaves. McDonald’s is widely known for its notoriously unhealthy foods, so kale and McDonald’s don’t seem to go very well together. In fact, McDonald’s poked a little bit of fun at this vegetable in a commercial a few months ago. They said that kale will never taste like a Big Mac, which is objectively true, but they were trying to send the message that a Big Mac will always taste better than kale.

According to the team at FreedomPop Review, nine McDonald’s restaurants in Southern California are testing out the breakfast bowls in question. These bowls contain turkey sausage, egg white, spinach, and kale, or alternatively, they can contain chorizo and eggs. These bowls are to cost about $4, and if they succeed with customers, they will eventually appear on the national McDonald’s menus. There are also reports in Canada that McDonalds might start selling three salads that are based on kale.

Clearly, McDonald’s is trying to change its reputation for offering almost exclusively unhealthy foods to its patrons. It is trying to offer healthy foods as well, so that it can gain business back that it has lost due to trends towards health and fitness that have shown up in recent years, particularly among the Millennial generation.

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