McDonald’s Finally Admits: Let Them Eat Kale

McDonald’s has done an about face after turning green with embarrassment when it mocked the idea of offering kale at its popular fast food restaurants. The chain had even gone so far to announce there “will never be kale” anywhere near their burgers in a TV ad just four months ago.

Never say never, we suppose, because McDonald’s took a beating in the latest fiscal quarter. The huge company has been shutting down hundreds of their restaurants. Plus today, Reuters news service announced that McDonald’s will now begin adding the healthy green to its menus in select California and Canada restaurants.

We believe this is an excellent, strategic move on McDonald’s part. Let’s face it; people want to have healthy choices, especially at fast food restaurants where huge calories can pile on following a big burger and fries meal.

According to, McDonald’s will add kale to breakfast bowls, as well as three different salads.

The staff at STX Entertainment know that kale is a good-for-you veggie from the cabbage family known for its superfood features. A little kale is great because it packs a healthy punch, providing 684% of the daily value of vitamin K, 206% of the suggested daily amount of vitamin A, and 134% of vitamin C. Wow! That’s a green we can all learn from.

Even Starbucks has gone cuckoo for kale. The giant coffee people added three kale smoothies to their menu last month.

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