Matthew Autterson: Your Best Bet When It Comes to Financial and Investment Advice

Investment management is a professional that involves the management of various assets and securities such as bonds, and shares. Investment management is of the essence since it helps in meeting a particular set of investment goals for the general benefit of the investor. In most cases, investors may include corporations, insurance companies, charities, private investor and educational establishments.

Investment management can be of different styles depending on the organization involved or the preferences of the investor. Normally, investment management styles include growth, market neutral, value, indexed, growth at a reasonable price (GARP), and small capitalization. Each investment management plan is distinctive from the other. For instance, growth investment management style has been attributed to the rapid growth of earnings which cannot be possible due to the scarcity of companies involved with generating the cash.

The people who benefit from investment management are the investors. As earlier mentioned, these investors can include insurance companies, corporations, pension funds and charities.

Some of the most successful investment management companies have attributed their success to a trustful relationship between the investor and the money manager, creating low-cost and diversifiable portfolios, as well as creating a variety of asset classes. The following are the top five investment management companies that have succeeded in the industry. Vanguard Group, Pacific Investment Management Co. LLC, Capital Research and Management Co, J.P Morgan Asset Management and the FMR Co. Inc.

Matthew Autterson is a wealth advisor for the WIN Wealth Management Company. With over 20 years of investment, financial, and accounting experience, Matthew Autterson is no doubt your best pick when you need financially-oriented advice. Matthew Autterson is also a registered representative a position he used to hold when working for the American Express and Royal Alliance.

Matthew Autterson graduated from the Buena Vista University with a minor in Finance. Before he co-founded WIN, Matthew Autterson was the acting vice-president of the Registered Investment Advisor, a company based in Minneapolis.


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