Master Chef Junior The Cute New Show

Gordon Ramsey is known for his tough, say it like it is style. He has built a kitchen empire through reality television and most people watch for his yelling and his to the point attitude. Who would have thought this man would want to work on a show featuring children? According to several sources, Master Chef Junior is in its second season. It’s a reality show much like Ramsey’s other hits, but instead features kids between the ages of eight and thirteen. These kids are not only adorable but extremely talented.


After one elimination round, Ramsey makes the audiences hearts melt by giving the little boy a hug and telling him everything is going to be okay. This is something that really makes Stephen Williams wine want to really tune in as much as possible. He also enjoys working with kids because unlike adults they never make the same mistake twice. They listen to the Chef and take his words and move forward. Many times an adult contestant can’t handle the criticism. It’s an odd pairing, but Gordon Ramsey and children actually make a dynamic television show.

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