Markus Rothkranz: Raw Foods

Markus Rothkranz is a leader of the raw food movement and author of the book “Heal Yourself 101”. In this video he talks about growing up and being sick all the time. When he got older he tried becoming a vegetarian and later a vegan and while it helped a little, it did not alleviate the problems completely.

After trying these approaches, he went into the desert and spent forty days. He was inspired by the animals that he saw and how nature provides the nutrients that people need in order to survive. He found that nature is perfect and that raw fruits and vegetables are better than cooked food; which kills enzymes and enzymes are the life force for the body.

Markus gives the example of his dad who was raised eating meat and drinking alcohol. His father was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer. He decided to change his life and the way he ate and his PSA went down to zero within thirty days.

Eating vegan and vegetarian is a good start, but it is not the same as eating raw foods. Whenever something is changed from the way it is found in nature, it kills vital elements. Markus views wild plants as the secret to optimal health. He gives an example of the wild radish which is only about eighteen inches tall above ground but has roots that are over one hundred feet deep. These roots absorb more nutrients than what would be grown on a commercial farm.

Markus recommends getting back to what is found in nature. If a person is having health problems, he suggests that the best idea is to completely stop eating and just drink water for awhile, he does not elaborate on how long, and then introduce juicing. Liquid food has more energy than solid food does.

The world health project, founded by Markus Rothkranz, is a plant based diet. It is not only the food that you eat. It also encompasses the body, mind and spirit. When a person’s body feels better, than their mind and spirit also feel better.

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