Magic Mike XXL Is a True Testament To The Quality of Comedic Cinema

The action continues within the film Magic Mike XXL. For those who saw the original film, the characters will instantly be recognizable and familiar and will quickly draw you back into their world! This time, though, the action shifts out of Florida and on the road to South Carolina, where Mike and his crew of friends and sexy co-dancers quickly fire up the action in hopes of closing out their careers with a final show-stopper to last for all time. Needless to say, their plans don’t go exactly as they had hoped. Mike encounters some old friends, makes some new ones, and still manages to set the stage on fire with his exotic dance moves.

One other notable persona in this film is Crystal Hunt, who plays the role of Lauren. The Magic Mike film series had special meaning for her, since she was born and raised in Florida, and as such the “home territory” for the original film was very familiar to her indeed! With her striking blue eyes, ready smile, and lovely blonde hair, Ms. Hunt was a welcome addition to the powerful and forthright women who prove to be a match for Mike and then some! While Crystal had previously been an instantly recognizable star in the daytime soap world, most notably in One Life to Live, her role in Magic Mike XXL allowed her to branch out into the world of movies and remaining in touch with the sturdy and resilient female characters which have been her trademark. It is also interesting to note that her soap opera character was also a stripper dealing with tragic circumstances, much like Mike was in the original film, so this poses an intriguing parallel between characters and actors alike.

The sturdy female character persona is clearly exemplified in Magic Mike XXL when Mike’s friends, Richie and Tito, encounter two attractive young ladies, one of whom is Lauren (played by Crystal Hunt). The group become friends and accompany the ladies back to their home, where they meet the girls’ mother (Andi McDowell). Through conversation, dancing and other action, the ladies are freed from previous conventions and learn to enjoy new found freedom as a direct result of interaction with Mike and his crew. Thus, the ladies become even stronger, and Mike and his friends have some fine new memories and leave the favorable impression they had hoped for their final number as a group.  Crystal can easily be found on Instagram for more about her career.  Or you can check out an acting reel or two from her various works on Vimeo.

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