Maggie Gill Provides a Good Solution–By Way of New Partnering with Eon Health:

The coupling of Eon Health and Memorial University Medical Center, in Savannah, Georgia with Respect to the New Medicare Advantage Plan is Indicative of a Strong Healthcare Alliance:


Memorial Health’s, CEO and President, Maggie Gill, has provided the progressive healthcare provider an apt and reliable solution in her partnering with well-established, and highly reliable Eon Health, as it pertains to the new Medicare Advantage Plan. Ms. Gill, has a history of providing her clients with cost-saving and reliable healthcare systems and solutions. The preceding action, by Memorial Health’s distinguished CEO, Maggie Gill—presents as no exception.


Persons who are beneficiaries of Medicare in South Carolina and within Southeast Georgia, now, have an option, when it comes to the new Medicare Advantage plan. Eon Health and Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) have become partners, by providing a plan inclusive of a favorable zero-dollar premium and pharmaceutical benefits, complete with reduced co-pays.


The Medicare Advantage Plans are available to Medicare beneficiaries in Bryan and Chatham Counties, within Georgia; and Jasper, Beaufort, Hampton, and Colleton counties in South Carolina. The plans are available as of January 1st of 2017. The plan is inclusive of “Special Needs Plans,” for persons suffering from chronic-type of illnesses; and other eligible beneficiaries.


Plan benefits include the following:


1—Reduced co-pays in way of primary care provider visits and visits to specialists;

2—Benefits with respect to hospitalization;

3—No referral is needed in order to see a provider within the healthcare network;

4—Transportation benefits exist with regard to particular plans;

5—Silver-Sneakers Fitness Program;

6—Dental benefits in the way of preventative medicine, comprehensive medicine, and dentures;

7—An OTC monthly benefits allowance;

8—Benefits with respect to hearing; and,

9—Member Rewards program.


Maggie Gill, CEO and President of Memorial Health, stated that Eon Health’s preventative care emphasis was a good fit with that of Memorial Health. She further indicated that Memorial Health and Eon would work in cooperation to assist their patients to live healthier lives and to provide easy access to proper levels of health care.


Dr. Austin lfedirah, President and CEO of Eon Health, mentioned a partnership with Memorial Health was indicative of his organization’s strategy, in assuring delivery of quality healthcare services. Eon Health Inc., is a Medicare Advantage Plan. It has a service area, which covers sixty-eight counties, inside of South Carolina and Georgia.


Maggie Gill, in her alliance with Eon Health, is demonstrating, yet, another fine achievement, on her part, in assuring Memorial Health’s senior clients are provided with the best level of healthcare service. She provides the preceding successful outcome by way of economical servicing of her clientele; while providing and maintaining quality care of that populace. She sees the two preceding key elements as fundamental in arriving in way of a successful outcome.

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