Locally Sourced Foods Make For A Popular Restaurant

Fresh ingredients from local sources are undoubtedly better quality than mass produced foods shipped long distances. As Igor Cornelsen knows, when produce comes from out of country it takes days to reach its final destination and is continuing to ripen the entire journey. A new trend on the horizon is having food go straight from the farm to the table, specifically a restaurant table. Dig Inn was founded in 2012 and already had 10 locations with 5 more set to open in 2015. All of their foods and beverages are locally sourced. In fact, at one of the locations a woman’s breast milk, that’s right breast milk, was utilized to make cheese served on the menu. Local micro brewery beers and wines are available as well. For those who want to skip the standard restaurant with predictable dining and imported ingredients Dig Inn may be a good fit for you. Seriously, you cannot get restaurant food any fresher than at this joint.

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