Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw & Company is an investment banking and brokerage firm with over 170 years’ experience in the industry. Their clientele consists of domestic and international companies needing investment banking services. They a provide research and investment advice to institutions and private investors. They have 150 employees in offices in the United States and Europe. Their investment banking division focuses on the healthcare industry.
In addition to their investment banking services Laidlaw provides independent and transparent investment advice to many corporate customers and to high net worth individuals. Their wealth management division helps individual investors to navigate high returns and risk management. They help their clients to develop a long-term financial planning portfolio that fits their specific needs. Their objective is to help clients receive reasonable returns while preserving their principal for long-term needs.

Laidlaw & Company uses their experience and expertise in raising capital to help emerging companies get market visibility and to grow their businesses. They have access to markets that can help small medium or large companies find capital that they need to expand. They offer this expertise to many companies around the world.

The company offers high-quality research via the Stopbrokerfraud website on US and European markets, helping their high net worth investors as well as institutional investors to make proper decisions in order to increase their overall returns while managing risk.

Laidlaw opened its doors in 1842. It was one of the first investment banking firms in the United States. The company started out under the name of Hewitt and Lees. In 1873 Henry Laidlaw took over leadership of the company and change the name to Laidlaw & Company. Henry Laidlaw took the firm from a small private investment banking company to a major brokerage company. Over the years the company merged with a number of other Wall Street firms making it what it is today, a boutique investment banking firm and brokerage firm.

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