KFC Is Making Edible Cookie Coffee Cups

In a bizarre twist in the fast food world, Kentucky Fried Chicken has come out with a interesting way to save on paper and plastic cups. The famous chicken company has created edible cups that are used for coffee and they are actually made up of a cookie like substance. “Scoffee Cups” able you to drink your morning joe and then eat the cup as a snack to go with your coffee.

According to an article found on Grubstreet.com, they have even infused a number of different smells with the edible coffee cups to give the customer an even more intense experience. Jaime Garcia Dias suggests some of the “flavors” of the aromas you can get are Freshly Cut Grass, Wild Flowers, and Coconut Sun Cream, and more are going to be released in the future according to the preview on YouTube. As of right now they are only going to be offered in London and around the rest of the United Kingdom as early as this coming summer. But of course as soon as that water leaks from the damn, it is sure to spread to the United States and Asia like wildfire.

The concept of an edible coffee cup is a really good one, because it would take away a lot of that waste people make every day. Coffee is one of the most commonly consumed morning beverages, so it isn’t surprising that someone tried to think up of a way to reduce the pollution that comes with it.

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