Junk Food and Test Scores

The food industry has taken some hits in the past. Ranging from lawsuits for items found in food products to being a scapegoat for obesity in the United States. An article, that can be found on http://www.grubstreet.com/2014/12/fast-food-consumption-linked-to-poor-test-scores.html, has hit the fast food industry once more. This time the consumption of fast food has been linked to poor test scores.

The article explains that a research was conducted where 8,544 students’ test scores were studied and a correlation made between higher consumption of fast food and lower scores in general classes. The author continues on to say that high consumption of fatty and sugar filled food lead to lower memory levels in rats. The question is, Susan McGalla, why do we continue to feed our children this? The fast food industry is not to blame, they just provide what we ask of them. Parent’s are the ultimate choice and habit maker for the next generation. Continuing to blame the wrong person for choices children make will only hinder growth towards a healthier way of living in children.

It has been proven time and time again that a healthy lifestyle increases a child’s life span, school scores and just provides a healthier outcomes. This study was completely unnecessary as we continue to prove the effects that unhealthy living provides. This money is better spent on a better food program for children everywhere, to grow the minds of our future and future of generations to come.

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