Joseph Bismark Featured On Reuters

Reuters is really on the ‘mark’ in its interview of the modern businessman’s profile, and has a good synopsis of the kind of methods necessary for modern day success. The QI group run by Joseph Bismark is invested in the hospitality business and boutique hotels as well as other entertainment and retail businesses. His ‘holistic’ approach has served him well in the successes he has found.


Joseph Bismark has devoted his life and lifestyle to a spiritual approach both personally and economically. The Reuters News Service reviewed his article in asPire Magazine where he was noted for his vegetarian diet and exercise regime that keeps him healthy and alert.


Reuters has featured a CEO of internet business, and a person who includes lifestyle choices in his management practices. He believes that being a vegetarian and having concern for life are inherent to the ethics of business. One must succeed with the entire mind, body, and spirit.


He also mentors people interested in his success through the books he writes and is a public speaker who helps people with life skills as well as their entrepreneurial needs. He keeps a training log of his cycling work, and also does yoga and weight lifting to boot. Meditation is a big part of his success, and he helps others use the same methods/He is a yoga master and teaches it at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga.


The lifestyle he has calls for the respect in his open management practices; respect for self and others brings success naturally. Thus he coaches and leads a company by modern trends in modern times. His ethical views reflect the good moral judgment needed in good as well as bad times.


He has six main businesses in several countries as well as retail based ones. He uses several applications to help manage his busy lifestyle, and exercises his brain with Luminosity, a company that makes learning and mental exercise fun.


He works at as many physical and mental activities as possible, keeping himself flexible and versatile for any future trends in business that will be needed regarding market trends and prognostications of any sort. Being able to ride to tides or shoals of future trends will be important for Joseph and the people he guides.

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