Jon Urbana’s Accomplishments And Achievements In Creativity And Business

Achieving Great Results

The world needs talented people, and in this article we will be covering the greatest achievements of one of the world’s most talented business minds and creative individuals. His name is Jon Urbana. He has been involved in some of the most successful business ventures, including sports training on Twitter and laser development. This is not all. His wide range of talents and successful achievements also include his works in photography, videography and music. To top it all off, Jon Urbana has received great praise and recognition as a pilot. This article is meant to highlight some of his greatest achievements in these diverse fields.

The Business Achievements Of Jon Urbana

His work in creating sports training programs was inspired by his achievements as an athlete. Jon Urbana was involved in lacrosse for many years. Then, he decided to join forces with others in order to train youth athletes in lacrosse. They started their training program in Colorado, and the program seriously helps the athletes as well as the community that holds the programs. Jon eventually went on to more business ventures as the lacrosse program continued to run. He currently is the Head of Business in a company that deals with laser programing.

Aviation Achievements From FAA

The FAA judges pilots based on a variety of criteria, and they present their recognition to the airmen that exceed these standards. Their recognition is above par with the standards of the rest of the world. Jon Urbana has achieved such greatness in recognition from the FAA, and he continues to strive for perfection in his aviation career, just as he has with Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force Inc, his popular GoFundMe drive.

Creativity In Jon Urbana’s Life And Accomplishments

Jon Urbana is also focusing his energy on his music, photography and video production. Some of his photos are on display at Imgur, such as Earth Temple.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

He creates a type of electronic music that he releases on Soundcloud. He has built up quite a following on MTV by mixing with other artists’ music and creating his own unique style of music. He releases his photos on Instagram, and his videos are some of the most exquisite and insights pieces online.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

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