Johnny Garlic’s Restaurant Closed Without Warning

Imagine showing up to work, ready for another long day, and told to pick up your check and leave. Oh, they were also told to not speak to the reporters who were hovering outside. That was what happened today at Johnny Garlic’s in Sacramento. There were two restaurants, both closed without warning to the one’s who work there. No explanation has been given to why they were closing, and there is much speculation about the owner Guy Fieri.

Fieri has made it big on the Food Network these days. He seems to be their star player, so one wouldn’t think that money would be an issue. The manager did say that they were looking more into a “box brand” and that running a sit down restaurant doesn’t fit the vision they have for the place anymore. Mike Livak is a little disappointed when he heard the news, especially since he lives close by. Still, the whole thing doesn’t make sense. It seems like yet another place will go down for not being able to make it work in this rough economy.

It will be interesting to see what Fieri has to say about this. So far he has been mute regarding the subject. I am sure he will be pushed by reporters and will offer some excuse for the closing. His employees did deserve the respect of knowing the place was closing, as did his faithful customers for their years of dedication. When it’s all said and done, I am sure it was a money issue.

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