James Dondero Helping Others Invest

James Dondero has a distinguished career in the financial planning industry. He started out with a small financial company in Dallas. Over the years, he was able to build his experience and his client list.

He is now the CEO of Highland Capital Management. This is a company that is growing rapidly in the local area. Many people in Dallas need financial and investing advice. James Dondero is excited about what the future holds for himself and his business.

Starting Out

James Dondero had to work hard to get where he is today. He did not come from wealthy parents, and he had to work multiple jobs while he was in school. However, he had a dream to help other people with their finances.

When he started at Highland Capital Management, the company was not doing well. The entire state was dealing with slow economic growth from the collapse of the oil industry. He knew that he had to focus on adding value to customers in order to succeed in the business.


James Dondero would eventually get Highland Capital Management on the right track. In just a few years, the company doubled in size. This was a great opportunity for James Dondero to invest more money in the business to provide more locations for customers.

Many customers today use the online services offered by the company. Not only is this a great way for clients to get financial information, but it is much more convenient for them as well. Despite all of his success in business, James Dondero still finds time to mentor young people in the community. He spends a lot of time and money helping other people reach their dreams.

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