Jacob Gotlieb is a brilliant businessman combining the industry of economics and healthcare.

Jacob Gotlieb is a chip off the old block with his innovative combination of expertise in economics and the field of healthcare he was the brains behind the founding of Visium Asset Management. Jocab Gotlieb is a New Yorker born of a father who was a professor in economics, and his mother worked in the field of healthcare as a pediatrician. At a tender age, Jacob Gotlieb showed his talent for business after he won a stock selection contest at his school when he was in the seventh grade. Subsequently, his father took note of his sons talent and went ahead and opened an account for investment trading for Jacob Gotlieb. In his academic path, Jacob Gotlieb had a passion for medicine and economics so he studied both disciplines in his higher education. Jacob Gotlieb attended Brown’s University and obtained a bachelor of Arts in economics. Also, Jacob Gotlieb attended NYU Medical School and even went ahead to complete his internship at the St. Vincents Hospital. However, Jacob Gotlieb settled for pursuing a career on, and he worked in the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst. Jacob Gotlieb bean trading in the year 1998 working at the Sanford C. Bernstein&Co in the field of global healthcare. Jacob later moved to Merlin Biomed Group where he stayed for a short while and joined Balyasny Asset Management(BAM). At Balyasny Asset Management, Jacob Gotlieb made a name for himself as a portfolio manager and became the top earner, and he later left BAM and launched Visium together with his team from BAM in the year 2005. Jacob Gotlieb relentlessly worked to build a name for Visium becoming one of the largest hedge fund managers with up to 170 employees. Despite the fact that the company was accused of insider trading and most of the directors in the firm were incriminated in the saga, Jacob Gotlieb walked away unscathed as his name was cleared. Jacob Gotlieb is an active participant of several community-building activities in NewYork. He contributes to Covenant House, an international charity organization that gives aid to homeless youth and was founded in 1970. Also, Jacob Gotlieb promotes the quality of education in New York through his generous contributions to Math for America. Math for America was established in the year 2004 and focuses on fostering recruitment and the retaining of teachers in the field of Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics in the schools of New York City. Jacob Gotlieb is also actively involved in the efforts of Robin Hood Foundation to fight the issue of poverty in the city of New York.


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