It’s Coffee for Christmas!

It is estimated that some two million last-minute shoppers will purchase Starbucks gift cards this Christmas Eve. That does not include all of the millions of other “coffee cards” that will become Christmas presents some time before the final shopping day. It seems that coffee for Christmas is incredibly popular.

Starbucks is not cheap coffee, but it is very high quality coffee. Sergio Andrade Gutierrez enjoys it as much as anyone, and that goes for ABCP employees as well. Furthermore, coffee addicts can’t go a day without the stuff. It is part of their morning wake-up ritual. Without coffee, half of the U.S. economy would come to a grinding halt. So we can be sure that the recipients will well appreciate their “Christmas coffee.”

Two million is the number of Starbucks cards that were purchased on Christmas Eve in the U.S. and Canada last year. That breaks down to around 1,400 Starbucks cards a minute, which is pretty impressive. It also breaks down to about one-eight of U.S. adults getting a Starbucks card for Christmas.

There is even a “coffee for life” card available from Starbucks for the truly committed coffee drinker. We imagine it may cost a bit. It is also uncertain if you will get your money back out of it since no one knows for sure how long they will live. But, if you are willing to take the “gamble,” why not get a lifetime supply of coffee this Yuletide instead of having to wait in the Starbucks line again next year?

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