Is Kale the best food for you?

Several sites recently started claiming that Kale was the healthiest food on the planet. These sites vary but they all claim that kale offers maximum nutrition. One such example can be seen here. While Kale is extremely healthy there are several foods that are healthier than Kale.

Most of these healthier foods are also greens. One healthier food is Collard Greens. They are known for their ability to help your body block cholesterol, thus improving overall heart health. Romaine Lettuce is also healthier than Kale. It is packed with folic acid and Vitamin B. If you are male, then you should be eating a lot of Romaine Lettuce as it will increase your fertility. A recent study of superfoods found that Watercress is the healthiest super food of all. This food is extremely mild tasting, but it is the healthiest for several reasons. Watercress has more than four times the beta carotene of an apple. Watercress also contains more Vitamin K than you actually need in a day.

Superfoods continue to be trendy topic on many different health blogs, but it is important to realize that you cannot take these blogs at their word. This is something Marc Sparks is slowly but surely learning. There are many healthy fruits and vegetables out there and you do not necessarily have to consume the latest superfood. Use your best judgment and keep up with the latest research in order to ensure that you are eating the best foods for you.

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