Inside The Golden Arches

In the USA there are an estimated 14,000 McDonald’s Restaurants, and up to 90% of those venues are independently owned franchises. The complaint described by one Chamber of Commerce spokesperson as “the nightmare before Christmas”, reported that the US National Labor Relations Board released a complaint stating McDonald’s Corporation should share in the responsibility for individual employees within the franchise model. Moreover, the complaint states some employees around the nation were persecuted for their activism in calling for higher wages and improved working conditions.

The article mentions opposition to the NLRB complaint is shared by the US Chamber of Commerce, National Restaurant Association and National Retail Federation. Statistically, restaurants employ about 10% of the nation’s workforce, which Sam Tabar was surprised to hear. Also, restaurant industry has been one of the key players in the post-recession recovery. A ruling on the complaint is expected to be forthcoming from an Administrative Judge in the very near future, possibly early in 2015.

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