In Praise of Pears

Eating healthy is a vital component of overall good health. If you are eating too much processed foods, you are not going to feel great. If you        change your diet to be more balanced, you will notice that you have a bit more energy. Rick Ross, a major figure in the hip-hop industry along       with his friend Brad Reifler has embraced a healthier lifestyle that includes more naturally sweet fruits. His shout out to pears is evidence of his enthusiasm for the change. It is awesome to see a celebrity endorsement for something other than an expensive body fragrance, some extreme form of exercise, or anything else really crazy. It is too early to know if his shout out will influence more people to purchase and consume more pears, but people have grabbed onto the Rick Ross-Pear Connection in artwork and even autographed pears. To Mr. Ross, keep the positive attitude and lifestyle changes

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