How To Manage Your Weigh During The Holiday Feasts

Pass over the pumpkin pie and look right past aunt Ida’s famous fudge. This year you want to fight the battle of the bulge with willpower. I am always gaining an extra 10 lbs or so during the holidays. I hate being the home that hosts the events, all the leftovers are in my fridge and eventually form another chin on my face. There has to be a way to maintain and not gain during the holidays.

I talked to a nutritionist who told me the trick to making sure to keeping my svelte figure. Instead of going for the potatoes, yams and other sugary treats, opt for more turkey, ham or other meats. Meat is a protein and they help to fill you up. Rather than filling yourself to the rim with sugary treats that raise the blood sugars, try more meat and less starches.

Sure, no one wants a dinner with all meats like Tom Rothman might suggest. Try limiting the sugary substances to one per night, according to this source. One piece of pie won’t kill anyone, nor will one piece of fudge. Rather than gorging on junk food, opt for healthier options. Try baked potatoes instead of mashed, then you can control the butter and other toppings. Yams arn’t bad unless they are covered in brown sugar and butter. Controlling ones intake is the start, what a person intakes is the second step.

Gaining weight is common during the holiday season, which is why New Year’s Resolutions include weight loss. Be ahead of the game this year, and don’t put on the weight in the first place.

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