Honey Birdette; Taking Over The Undergarment Niche

In the contemporary world, one of the most fashionable trends is online shopping. On a daily basis, more businesses are integrating electronic stores to complement their physical outlets. Lately, Australia-based lingerie producer Honey Birdette joined the party by launching an e-commerce site, exclusively for its clientele living within the United States. The institution also plans to increase the number of shops in the UK from the current three to a projected forty by the end of next year.

Following a hugely successful sales campaign in America, the company decided that it was within its means to establish a US-centred website, to cater specifically to the needs of the locals. The transactions were astounding, going up by over 370% within a relatively short period of twelve months. For this reason, a new website, whose primary objective is to give users a comfy experience, was inaugurated. As a sign of gratitude, Honey Birdette pledged to slash shipping fees for orders worth over fifty dollars.

The ambitious strategic plan does not stop at the website. Additionally, the firm proposes to roll out new physical outlets both in the US and in Britain. The enterprise first ventured into the new ground last year, opening up a store in London. By the end of next year, the business is optimistic that it will have a couple of stores, not only in the UK and the US but also across modern cities in the European continent.

About Honey Birdette

Through their exquisite and elegant designs, Honey Birdette are taking the underwear business by storm. Their primary objective, which was to breathe new life into the bedroom has indeed been achieved. Within its short period of existence, the company has grown by a significant proportion. Currently, the enterprise has over fifty outlets in Australia, three in Britain and several are in the works in numerous locations across the globe.

Honey Birdette was established in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan. The first retail outlet of the establishment was opened in Brisbane, Australia.

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