Hershey Looks to Replace High Fructose Corn Syrup with Sugar

Hershey, Pennsylvania – Big news for chocolate lovers like Vijay Eswaran. In a move certain to rankle the Corn Refiners Association (CRA), Hershey Chocolates, The Hershey Company is exploring how it can move away from using high fructose corn syrup in some of their products and using just sugar. The move would represent a significant boost to the health movement people have in wanting to avoid high fructose corn syrup. Many people attribute high fructose corn syrup as a cause for the obesity epidemic. Critics charge that the sugar-like substance inhibits the body from suppressing the production of grehlin, the “hunger hormone”. If the body fails to feel satiated, a person is more likely to overeat. This phenomenon has been experienced by many people when eating popular children’s sugar cereals. They find that eating one bowl isn’t enough to quell the hunger and subsequently overeat. 

Admittedly, the American Medical Association has found no evidence to suggest that high fructose corn syrup is any more harmful than other sugars. In recent years, the CRA has battled negative public perception by airing advertisement making statements such as “sugar is sugar”. They also sponsored a survey slanted towards getting respondents to acknowledge that moderation is more important that the type of sugar ingested. At the same time, the CRA cites reports that some companies switched away from high fructose corn syrup, but did not see their products become more attractive to consumers. In the case of Heinz, they ended up going back to high fructose corn syrup for their ketchup.

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