Healthy…..Or Not?

There is bad news for everyone trying to eat a little healthier these days. Many of the products the food industry are touting as health are just the same old junk in disguise. The Food and Drug Administration encourages consumers to read nutrition labels and know what to look for. The number one culprit seems to still be sugar. Products such as granola and flavored yogurt that consumers think of as healthy staples are loaded with the sweet stuff. Many granola options can be dense in calories due to the sugar added as well as often being cooked in butter or oil. Similarly yogurt is often times almost as high in sugar as ice cream, sometimes containing 17g of sugar per serving against ice cream’s 20g per serving.

Other surprisingly unhealthy products include juice and smoothies for their high calorie content. Low fat versions of ice cream and peanut butter don’t make the cut either, which surprises Brad Reifler a little. Other hidden calorie sinks that make the top ten list are energy bars, vitamin water, agave nectar, and multi grain items. The health conscience shopper needs to take care even with restaurant chicken. This lean meat staple loses its good name when cooked in oils or covered in creams or sauces. Consumers need to take care when reading labels and ensure that the ingredient list is short and is filled with actual food items that are recognizable.

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