Health Benefits of Yogurt

A cup of yogurt makes a quick and easy breakfast and the dairy product is low-calorie and packaged in such a way that a container of yogurt makes a perfect grab-and-go sanck. Since it’s a dairy product we also know it’s good for helping to build strong bones and the naturally low in calorie product is also good for our waistline. Yogurt is also good for reducing the risk of type II diabetes and lowering blood pressure.
Eating a daily serving of low fat yogurt can reduce your risk of developing type II diabetes by almost 20%. It is something Keith Mann will try to incorporate in his diet. The calcium, magnesium and fatty acids found in yogurt can be thanked for the reduction in possible diabetes development. The fact that yogurt contains probiotics and anitoxidants is a bonus health benefits that helps to prevent diseases, including diabetes and high blood pressure.
Probiotics are micro-organisms that work hard in the body to promote health in a variety of ways, one of which is lowering blood pressure. These micro-organisms help control blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol levels and keep the enzymes and protein levels under control in the blood stream. All of which work together to naturally lower blood pressure.

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