Hardee’s And Carl’s Jr. Pair Up To Bring You The Most American Thick Burger

Summer time is quickly approaching, and with that the hamburger and hot dog sells go through the roof.That is why Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s has paired up to release this beast of a thick burger. People are calling it “America’s Most Patriotic Burger” or “Fourth of July On A Bun”. The Sister restaurant however, have given this thick burger the perfect name, “The Most American Thick Burger”.

Thrown in between two massive buns are, a burger patty,topped with American cheese, topped with Lay’s extra crisp, kettle cooked, potato chips, and finished off with a whole hot dog split in half. Yes you read that right. They are now serving a hamburger and hot dog combo.

We are not going to get into how many calories or grams of fat this enormous thing has. After all, if you are going to order it, then your surely not going to be worrying about your waste line. That is the way Ricardo Guimarães BMG sees it. A company rep recently spoke with USA Today and told them they have been working on this bad boy for 10 years now. Though it still has not hit the restaurant quite yet, they are expecting to release it soon.

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