Hamburglar The New and Improved Sexy Fail

Just when you thought you had seen it all the people at the world renowned fast food restaurant Mcdonald’s amazes us with the new and improved sexy Hamburglar.Read more about it here. Most kids who have enjoyed the family friendly fun aspects of eating at mcdonald’s have also grown to know and love this icon over the years. with all of the controversy surrounding this restaurant from their employees demanding they’re minimum wages to be increased almost double their current rate to the pink slime epidemic that shocked us all. it’s not surprising that they had to turn to sex appeal to help sale their greasy i’m not sure what is in here fast food. Folks at Amen Clinic ( know that stores today that have been open at least 13 months declined at a rate in about 2.2 percent in the us and about 0.3 percent globally in may of 2015. way to go family friendly mcdonald’s you have successfully done what every other desperate company has done. you have forgot the morals and values that you were founded upon and have steered away from your company mission. This just goes to prove not everybody is buying in to the cliche of today’s media. i am happy to see that this is proving to not be beneficial and is not going to fatten your pockets like you intended.

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