Greg Secker Attracts Hundreds of Thousands to His Speeches

Greg Secker is a well known businessman. He has been a millionaire since he was in his twenties. Greg Secker is the founder of Learn To Trade. He studied food science and agriculture in university. However, he was always into programming, and at a job fair, he was offered a job with Thomas Cook Financial Services. They wanted him to help out with the coding for their virtual Trading Desk. The Virtual Trading Desk is an online software that helps traders. Of course, as someone who was in charge of coding the platform, Greg Secker needed to know a bit about programming. He had to learn a lot about trading. He also learned a lot about foreign exchange trading. His time spent around professional traders also helped him gain experience.

Eventually, Greg Secker decided to get into trading himself. He borrowed five thousand pounds, and he invested it. At the end of the year, he got a return on investment of sixty thousand dollars. He developed a tried and tested strategy to succeed with trading.

Greg Secker is also a well known speaker. He has given speeches in over six thousand locations. He has attracted over two hundred thousand people to his speeches. Greg Secker decided to get into speaking after he retired. He had enough money to live comfortably, but he wanted to help change lives.

This is also the reason why Greg Secker started the Greg Secker Foundation. The Greg Secker Foundation focuses on helping out young people with career choices and their life paths in general. The Greg Secker Foundation has also contributed heavily towards the rebuilding of a town in the Philippines that has been devastated by a typhoon.

The Greg Secker Foundation created the Youth Leadership Summit. This featured various speakers who inspired so many young people on topics related to health, relationships, life paths, and more.

Greg Secker is also the founder of Smart Charts and many other businesses. He is known as the top trader in Europe. He has been named for the board of ambassadors for City Philanthropy. He has also written several books.

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