Goettl Air Conditioning’s Powerful Merger

Recently, Goettl Air Conditioning merged with Paradise Air and Las Vegas hence increasing their staff by over 20 employees and their trucks to over 15 trucks. Las Vegas Air is mainly used by residential customers whereas Paradise Air targets the rental home and multi-family home market. According to Ken Goodrich, the CEO of Goettl Air conditioning, integrating with these HVAC services is a move meant to increase Goettl’s market share around the Southwest and provide improved services to its customers.



A Merger Based on Solid Backgrounds



Stephen Gamst, one of the senior management staff at Las Vegas Air has shared several reasons for opting to team up with Goettl. First of all, he felt that joining Goettl would help them merge their qualities and strengths. Secondly, Gamst claims that he was raised seeing Goodrich working with his father at a parts store while he also worked with his father. Therefore, he believes they were both raised with similar values and have a strong background on how to run a HVAC business. In this regard, Gamst believes that they can both achieve great things.



A Merger With Additional Offerings



According to Goodrich, partnering with Las Vegas Air, The Sunny Plumber, and Paradise Air comes with numerous additional offerings. Initially, Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air services were restricted to HVAC, this union introduces plumbing service. Goettl Air conditioning was offering only residential services, the partnership has expanded their services to include strip malls, and multi-family properties.



About Goettl Air Conditioning



Goettl Air conditioning’s history begins with the journey of three brothers, Adam, Bill, and John. After starting this company in Mansfield, Ohio in 1926, the brothers moved to Phoenix to search for opportunities in the wake of the Great Depression. It is here that they founded Phoenix based Goettl Air Conditioning which emerged as a pioneer in the production of heating and cooling technology and evaporative coolers. Goettl Air Conditioning Arizona was established later in 1939 in Arizona.



Goettl has dedicated itself to offering heating and air conditioning services for a long time. It was not until 2013 that Goodrich bought the company and established it at his home in Las Vegas in 2016. Ever since, Goettl has achieved a 500% growth. Currently, the HVAC services offered by Goettl in Arizona are unmatched. Currently, Goettl offers services to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Southern California, and Tuscon. Goettl’s mission is to ensure that customers enjoy a properly maintained heating system, a well sealed attic to prevent excess heat, an efficient duct system, and quality indoor air.

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