Gluten-Free Pasta

With more and more people needing to follow a gluten-free diet, sales at famous “Italian” chains in the USA are hurting.

Macaroni Grill and Olive Garden have been hit hard with this change in society’s diet and they are seriously thinking of revamping their menu to boost business. With gluten causing major stomach pains, more and more people are steering clear of such restaurants and are opting to eat at home or at a more vegan type of restaurant where there is more choice in what you can eat. Such diseases as Celiac disease makes it almost impossible for the person who suffers from it to consume gluten products and with the pasta served at these types of restaurants, it is understandable why sales are dropping in Zeca Oliveira’s opinion..

One might hope that if these famous chain restaurants revamp their menu to make to gluten-free friendly and opt out of the all you can eat with portions, they may be able to recreate that they have lost.

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