Girl Scouts Experiencing Thin Mint Shortage That Could Last Weeks

It’s no secret that Girl Scout cookies are popular or that the most popular Girl Scout cookie is the Thin Mint. Every year millions of fans wait for Girl Scout cookie season to buy and order their favorite cookie. This year, Thin Mint fans will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on a box of these delicious mint chocolate crispy wafers.

Little Brownie Bakers, which bakes and supplies about half of the cookies that the Girl Scouts sell is behind filling the amount of orders that are coming in, saying that the problem is due to a much higher expected demand that expected, and that the bakery is working around the clock to ensure that the orders will be filled said Brad Reifler. They have rescheduled delivery of the cookies from mid febuary to mid march. The good news is that although the cookie delivery is being delayed, all the cookie orders will be filled.

Thankfully this is only a temporary shortage and not all cookie orders or types of cookies have been affected. In fact, only 6% of all Girl Scout Troops will have delayed orders, and only a few thousand customers will be affected. But with Girl Scout cookies in such high demand, and with the tasty treats being so addictive, who knows what people will do to get their fix, especially if their friends and neighbors have cookies earlier than they do.

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