General Mills To Stop Misleading “Natural” Labeling

By definition alone, most of our food products are organic because somewhere along the line they originated from a living organism. Foods are considered to be reasonably healthy by comparison if they are cooked at home rather than handed out the drive-thru window at the local fast food joint. Unfortunately, consumers want to know more about the foods they are putting in their bodies and are demanding that manufacturers clearly and accurately label all food items.

General Mills and other companies are learning the hard way that truth in advertising means, well…truth in advertising. After multiple accusations and more than a few lawsuits were brought forward, companies were investigated and informed that they must stop labeling their food products with certain popular branding words. Unless items strictly meet the federal and consumer group guidelines, they cannot be marketed as ‘healthy’ or ‘organic’. Even seemingly benign titles like all-natural have been eradicated from some packaging. While many companies jumped on the health kick bandwagon, most have fallen off for failure to comply with appropriate regulations. After a hefty payout and potential fines and penalties, these major companies will also have to shell out some big bucks to redesign their packaging on many products. Health advocate Zeca Oliveira thinks this is a step in the right direction for our national food production. A lesson well learned.

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