Fructose and Its Troubling Effects

Perhaps you found yourself dealing with the following unpleasant cycle of eating before. You have some junk food and, a short while after eating it, you reach for some more food. The next helping of food you go after is probably not going to be all that healthy either. Eating bad food seems to beget eating more bad food. Is this just a habit you got into? To a degree, it probably is. Food choices and behaviors eventually become ingrained in us. That said, people who eat poor quality food loaded with high fructose corn syrup may be setting themselves up biologically to eat more calorie-loaded foods.

High fructose corn syrup has long been noted as being an extremely terrible, low-quality sweetener. It is much cheaper than both natural sugar and traditional refined sugar. So, fructose finds itself in a lot of foods. Fructose delivers nothing nutritional and provides little more than empty, unsatisfying calories.

Recent studies now show high fructose corn syrup stimulates the brain to crave more and more high-calorie foods. This should come as no surprise. Sweets do stimulate the pleasure sensors in the brain and not in a good way.

Anyone wishing to eat healthier and stay lean really must check ingredient labels before buying. You can also follow medical professionals like Brian Torchin on Twitter or other social media. The minute you come across fructose in the ingredients, put the food back on the shelf. It is really not something that is going to be any good for you.

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