FreedomPop’s Free Services Coming Soon To The UK

Digital Trends is reporting that FreedomPop is making its services available worldwide, extending the free talk, text and data plans to the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and countries in the Pacific Rim.

The company previously announced that it would launch the free mobile service in the UK this summer. In mid-September, FreedomPop then began contacting individuals who had signed up to receive more information on the services. The current stage is an ‘alpha test’ meant to collect information and feedback from users in order to prepare for a full launch later in 2015.

With the alpha test fully open, FreedomPop has released subscriber plans. The free plan, which FreedomPop is famous for in the States, comes with 200 minutes, 200 SMS, and 200MB of data. There are two plans which require a monthly fee. The first plan, the Premium 1GB plan, is £9 ($13) and is currently available as a one-month free trial to alpha testers. The plan includes 1,000 messages and SMS, 1GB of data and free voicemail. The second plan, the Premium 2GB, is £12 ($18) per month and has unlimited calls, SMS and 2GB of data.

At this time, it is not clear whether or not there will be a 4G LTE service available to alpha testers. It should be noted that FreedomPop does not charge any sort of penalty for going over a user’s data allowance. Instead, users are charger 1p per MB that is gone over. Furthermore, for an additional £2 ($3) a month, up to 500MB of unused data can be rolled over to the next month and up to 20GB of data can be stored, or even shared with friends who also use FreedomPop services.

If you choose to be an alpha tester, there is a £2 ($3) fee for shipping. There is also the option to pay an additional £2 ($3) for what FreedomPop calls Premium Voice, which is essentially HD Voice. Alpha testers also get to choose their telephone number from a small selection of numbers.

There is currently no information on Jetsetter SIM cards for travelers, which is rumored to provide 100MB of data for free. These SIM cards can be used in France and Spain. It is expected that 12 other European counties will be announced in the coming months.

No definite launch date has been announced for FreedomPop’s services. If you are interested in being one of the very first to try out the network, you can sign up at the company’s website.

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